How to remove iCloud.

What Is iCloud?

Ever wonder what happens to your backups? These are kept in your iCloud account, a cloud storage service provided by Apple for customers to safely store their data, apps, and documents while maintaining their privacy. 

You are prompted to create an iCloud account or sign in if you already have one while setting up a new iPhone or iPad. This will allow you to recover your data from a backup. Everything you use your iPhone for, including photos, movies, apps, data, audio, etc., is stored remotely in iCloud. In addition, iCloud can assist you in finding your missing iPhone.

 Why is Removing iCloud important?

 iPhones are linked to their owners’ password-protected iCloud accounts, which can only be accessed and deleted by the account’s owner. So, you must delete your iCloud account from your iPhone before preparing it for a trade-in, selling it privately, or simply giving it to a family member. By deleting your iCloud, you’ll protect your data and prevent unauthorised users from accessing it. Secondly, your gadget can be quickly tested and your order can be executed without any delays when it gets to us. Regrettably, we frequently get smartphones that have been iCloud locked, which reduces the value of the phone to £0 because it cannot be tested or sold further while being iCloud protected.

How to Delete or Remove an iCloud
Account From Your iPhone

1. Navigate to Settings on your iPhone and tap on your user profile at the top. 2. Enter your Apple ID password if requested to sign into your iCloud. 
3. Scroll down and tap on Sign Out at the bottom of the screen.
4. Enter your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off. 
5. Carefully read the information presented and tap Sign Out. 
6. Tap Sign Out on the confirmation message. 
How to Delete or Remove an iCloud Account From Your iPhone If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password, visit Apple support and follow the instructions.

How to Remove iCloud From My iPhone

You can remove your iPhone from your iCloud account remotely by:
1. Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.
2. Navigate to Find My iPhone and at the top of the screen click on All Devices. 3. Select the iPhone you want to remove from your iCloud account. 
4. Click Erase iPhone and click Next until the process is completed. 5. Click Remove from Account

How to Reset Your iPhone to Factory

After logging out of your iCloud account, you should reset your iPhone before selling it so that your data is safe and the device is returned to its factory default settings. How to do it is as follows: 

 1. Navigate to Settings from your home screen and tap on General. 
2. Scroll down and tap on Reset. 
3. Tap on Erase All Settings and Content and Continue. Follow the required steps to enter your iPhone’s passcode, confirm your Apple ID logins to turn your iCloud off and then Erase iPhone.
Your device will restart after shutting down, which could take a while. Your data will be deleted once everything is finished. Turn on your iPhone to see if the change was successful; if the Activation Lock screen doesn’t appear, everything was done successfully.

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