Why is it important to remove your Google / Samsung Account?

iPhones are linked to their owners’ password-protected accounts, which can only be accessed and deleted by the account’s owner. So, you must delete your Google / Samsung account from your device before preparing it for a trade-in, selling it privately, or simply giving it to a family member. By deleting your Google Account, you’ll protect your data and prevent unauthorised users from accessing it. Secondly, your gadget can be quickly tested and your order can be executed without any delays when it gets to us. Regrettably, we frequently get smartphones that have been Google account-locked, which reduces the value of the phone to £0 because it cannot be tested or sold further while being account-protected.

How to remove your Google / Samsung Account

1. Go to settings >  Accounts and backup > Manage accounts > Click on account > Remove account > Repeat process for all and any accounts.

How to Reset your Samsung device

After You have removed your Google / Samsung account. follow the steps below to reset your device back to factory settings:
2. To reset your device to factory settings: Go to Settings > Accounts and Backup > Reset > Factory data reset > Reset.

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