The device is perfect aesthetically, may have minor flaws that are not evident to the human eye (even if it has been stored in a phone case with a screen protector). There are no cracks or bends. It turns on and functions perfectly.


There are no cracks, chips, bends, or dents on the device. There are no obvious
scratches on the screen visible from 30cm apart . It turns on and functions normally.


Small scratches are visible evidence of wear and tear. There are no cracks, bends, or
chipping. It turns on and functions normally.


Heavy wear and tear, or one or more functional flaws such as camera, Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth, buttons, Touch ID, Face ID, speakers, and so on. We cannot accept a
device that does power up to the home screen. For a device that does not turn on or
that you can’t see a display, please select non-working.


The device does not power on to the home screen.
Regardless of the fault or condition of the device we will still offer you some money for
it so we can recycle the device responsibility and safely.
For more details please visit our help page

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